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Website Design Services

We cater to our client’s needs and give each client’s project the detail and attention needed to make sure we get it right the first time. 

RaeGrafix Web & Graphic Design offers a variety of services that range from professional web design and logo branding to flyer, cd/dvd cover designs, book cover designs, magazine layout and product designs, posters, business card designs and more. Customers who work with RaeGrafix Designs are satisfied and always come back for new projects. Excellent Customer Service is what we strive for because we always operate in excellency through the power of Jesus Christ.


Website Design

All custom website designs are designed to meet the demands of and are based on the ideas of the client. Regardless of the type of website ordered, the client will receive 100% fast and friendly customer service and either a video tutorial or walk-through on how to maintain the site. Website designs include up to 3 cosmetic changes during the verification process. Additional cosmetic changes, including changing, adding or removing images/videos/music, changing text/colors etc. fall under the additional support package. If the client chooses, he/she may purchase an additional support package for a period of 3 months, 6 months or one year of customer service and support. Excluding non-XML based flash sites, any other site ordered includes Google Analytics and SEO Optimization. All sites include Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages.

Types of Sites

  • Responsive HTML Websites
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Blog Publishing CMS
  • Social Networking Website
  • Interactive Flash
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Virtual Resume/CV/Vcard


Website Maintenance Services

Choose A Package
  • Monthly Hours
  • General Site Updates
  • Software Updates
  • Website Security
  • Email Monitoring
  • Comment  Monitoring
  • Site Analytics & Reporting
  • Website Backups
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Customer Support


$275per month

  • 5 Monthly Hours
  • Monthly Backups
  • Support Ticket


$500per month

  • 10 Monthly Hours
  • Bi-Monthly Backups
  • Support Ticket, Phone, Email, Text


$900per month

  • 20 Monthly Hours
  • Weekly Backups
  • Ticket, Phone, Email, Text, Meeting

*Free customer service is limited to site functionality such as the site becoming dysfunctional due to a script error or server error. Customer service does not include adding or subtracting items to/from the site. This falls under “Site Maintenance.”

**Website updates (Site Maintenance) consist of: Addition, Subtraction, and Editing of all text, images, videos, audio, multimedia and other types of content on an existing website. Addition includes creating and linking to a menu, a new page with new content. Subtraction includes removing any pages, and their menu links from your website, whether to be used again at a later date, or permanently removed. Editing consists of changing existing text on any page, and updating all menu items and or links for that page.


Banked Hours

Almost every business has a busy time and a slower time. You might need more edits and changes done on your site some months (for special events, marketing, etc.) than others. We will bank any unused hours from your maintenance package into the next month up to 3 months. For Example: If you have a small business web maintenance package and only use 2 hour in the 1st. month, and then 2 hours in the 2nd. month, you can bank unused hours and transfer total 2 hours to 3rd. month. Hours will not roll over to the fourth month.

Pay As You Go!

If you think that you will not make many changes to your website regularly, we can provide maintenance services on an hourly basis. $75/hr – 1 hour Minimum charge.


All website design projects require a signed contract and security deposit.

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Web Design Services

Websites, Maintenance, etc.

Graphic Design

Flyers, Covers, Books, etc.

Industry Professionals

Artists, Models, Labels, etc.

Photography Services

Photoshoots, Photo Editing, etc.