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AARC Royalties (Home Taping)

AARC (Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies)


AARC is the leading US organization protecting the rights of featured artists and recording companies in the areas of hometaping and rental rights. Although a US organization, AARC represents artists and record companies from all over the world.

The purpose of AARC is to cover sales lost due to many people copying (duplicating) CDs instead of purchasing them. Since there is no way to know if a CD has been copied, AARC pays royalties for sales lost. The royalty amount is tracked by sales. Most likely, if a spool of rewritable discs is purchased, some professional CD is probably being copied. Therefore, all rewritable media has a royalty price included in the price of the spool to cover these losses.

Royalties from AARC are distributed once a year in December. If you or your artist has a professional CD in stores, you should DEFINITELY sign up with AARC to cover losses due to home taping. Registering with AARC does NOT interfere with your membership with ASCAP, BMI or any other PRO.